Dedicated to Profession and Continuous Growth

chun lin laser

CHUN-LIN Business philosophy

chun lin laser


Dedicated to Profession and Continuous Growth

CHUN LIN Laser Co., Ltd. was established in October, 1998. At the begining stage, there were only 5 persons with 330 square meters of factory area. Through years of hard cultivation, dedication to our major profession and total efforts of everyone, Chun-Lin has steadily grown to its scale of today. We specialize in the machining service and production of various materials of sheet metal. Continuously upgrading our technological level has been our unwavering concept since the company was established. We constantly heavily invested in introducing world-famous machining equipment, enabling us to produce the best possible products. In addition, we also dedicated to modern production management and implement internal training to upgrade the total technology capabilities. Furthormore, we thoroughly conduct our rigorous quality system. All these ensure that Chun-Lin Products are a symbol of high quality.

CHUN-LIN Laser Machining Range:

R & D, design and manufacturing of related metal products, such as computer cabinet, machine sheet metal, stainless steel bracket, metal furniture, building materials and railing, metal curtain wall, etc.

CHUN-LIN Company Profile





General Manager


Liang Sheng Chih


Factory Area


7902 sq.m (Dali Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan)

Major Products


• 2D Laser Cutting

• 3D 5-Axis Laser Cutting



• CNC Bending

• Automatic Chamfering, Grinding and Polishing



• CNC Punching

• Drilling and Tapping



• Welding

• Surface Coating and Painting