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tapping welding equipmetn

Welding Equipment

Welding Equipment

• Co2 auto. welding equipment

• Argon arc welding for stainless steel

• Welding robot OTC AII-B4

• Japan DHIHEN welding equipment

• Vertical spot welding machine

 Argon welding for stainless steel

Argon arc welding for stainless steel

Welding Equipment

Welding Equipment_Argon arc welding for stainless steel

Co2 Welding operations

Co2 welding operation

Welding Equipment

Argon arc welding equipment for stainless steel

Ion cutting operation, Electric plasma cutting jobs

Ion cutting operation

Co<sub>2</sub>Welding Equipment

Welding Equipment_Ion cutting operation

Welding Robot

Welding Robot OTC AII-B4 Robot

OTC AⅡ-B4 Welding Robot

Welding Equipment_Welding Robot OTC AII-B4 Robot

Co<sub>2</sub>Welding Equipment

Welding Equipment_Co2 Welding Equipment

Welding Equipment

Welding Equipment_Vertical spot welding machine